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DIY or Professional Bathroom Installation

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The average bathroom suite in the UK can cost between £4,000 and £5,000 but the costs can spiral 10 times that amount for high end examples. When it comes down to installing the bathroom, you will want to ensure a professional bathroom fitter is doing the job but many will choose to fit it themselves.

Installing a bathroom is not as simple as many people make out and finding an experienced professional that is a plumber, painter, tiler and electrician is hard to find. The costs can vary between professionals and this may put your off hiring and opting to do a DIY job.

We strongly recommend that you choose a professional to complete your bathroom installation. NJ Harkus are plumbers in Cardiff that ensure the finish comes first and we have completed many complete bathroom renovations across South Wales. Below are some of the aspects of fitting a bathroom that you should consider.

Old Bathroom Removal

This is an aspect that is often forgotten about by many when it comes down to the cost of fitting a bathroom. Not only is there the plumbing aspect but there is also the waste removal of gutting out the old bathroom and ensuring there will be no water leaks when removing the bathroom.

Wall & Floor Tiling

Hugely dependent upon the size of the bathroom but tiling can be a major expense. Tiling the wall is highly recommended but the floor is optional with many choosing the cheaper vinyl flooring for a more cost effective method of fitting the bathroom.

Tiling is one of the first things people look in the bathroom and if the finish is not correct, it will standout.

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Bathroom Plumbing

Poor plumbing that has been completed by a DIY’er is something that we see all the time. We professional plumb taps, showers, bathroom, toilets, sinks and much more and ensure the finish is spot on.

Costly plumbing mistakes can be a nightmare and in some cases it can result in all the tiling being lifted in order to get to a pipes or fix water damage. The same can be said for cheap laborers and the good old saying “Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys” is very relevant with bathroom fitting.

If you want to purchase the appliances beforehand yourselves, that is perfectly fine. For example, many people may purchase an electric shower and then ask us to fit it.

Electrical Appliances

From LED lighting to electrical sockets, there are certain steps that are required to ensure the safety of all electrical appliances in a bathroom. Many people may opt to install a hand dryer, extractor fan and many other extra options too.

Of course, the power shower is the most common electrical that we install for many homeowners in Cardiff. Incorrect installation of a power shower can cause a cold or low pressure shower, which is not ideal.

DIY vs Professional Installation

If you are fitting a cheap bathroom and looking to keep costs down, then doing a DIY job is perfectly fine. However, if the bathroom suite is expensive, you will want to seek a professional who understands the finish that you are looking to achieve.

Going cheap on the fitting of the bathroom can result in a terrible finish and problems later on in the future.

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