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Boiler Service

Cardiff Boiler Service, Installation and Repair

N.J Harkus Plumbing and Heating Ltd are a team of Gas Safe Registered plumbers in Cardiff and are available 24 hours a day to work on any boiler problems throughout Cardiff and the surrounding areas.

For any repairs or servicing of your boiler, please use the form or call us on 07859 896019 for an instant response. If you require a complete boiler installation, we are able to provide a FREE quotation. For this quotation, we may need to visit your property beforehand.

Our team are able to work with a wide range of boilers that include regular, system and combi boilers in Cardiff. The combi boiler is the most popular boiler installation that our clients install due to it being both a water heater and central heating boiler combined. This means there is no need to have a separate water cylinder and it's generally more convenient for everyday usage.

Boiler Installation Cardiff

The latest boilers are moving inline with technology, which means they are becoming even more efficient. Our goal is to satisfy all of our customers boiler needs and find the most cost effective solution.

Our team of engineers are able to take on any boiler repair or installation. We often have enquiries regarding boiler fault finding, which our experienced gas safe engineers are always able to solve.

New boilers can be professionally fitted by our heating engineers at a competitive price. As mentioned above, we are able to provide a FREE quotation on installations but may require a site visit.

Why Use NJ Harkus?

  • 24 Hour Emergency Boiler Repair with an impressive 1 hour response time by our team in Cardiff.
  • Free Quotations are provided by Nathan on 07859 896019 or by email.
  • Installation is carried out by our team of experienced and qualified engineers in Cardiff.
  • All work can be completed at your convenience and with your specification.

Current building regulations state that any gas-fired boiler or replacement must be a condensing boiler due to the overwhelming improvements in efficiency. Although planning permission is rarely required for a new/replacement boiler, you should always check with your local planning authority if you live in a listed building. More information can be found here.

Free Boiler Quotation

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Emergency Boiler Repair Cardiff

Boilers are known for being ticking time bombs with the average person not knowing the tell-tale signs of a boiler breaking down. Boilers are also more likely to break down during the coldest part of the year, which will leave you without heat and warm water. The main reason for this is due to lack of use during the summer, which causes the components inside the boiler to seize.

We highly recommend having a boiler service before winter by one of our gas safe Cardiff boiler engineers. This will give you peace of mind during the cold winter months as well as reducing expensive repairs bills in the future.

Of course, a boiler may break down due to many reasons but we also provide an emergency boiler call out service. Our engineers will firstly ensure that your boiler is safe and then begin their diagnosis.

If you ever smell gas from your boiler, do not hesitate to call us on 07859 896019.

Energy Efficient Condensing Boilers in Cardiff

Energy Saving Trust indicate that approximately 60% of carbon dioxide is emitted from boilers in the UK and by switching to a newer, more efficient condensing boiler can reduce energy costs and save the environment.

Like a car, watch or any machinery, boilers require specialist maintenance to ensure it continues to be efficient and more importantly to keep the boiler safe. A very common problem, specifically during the winter months is that the pipes can freeze. This can be costly and at NJ Harkus, we recommend that you try to keep a low but consistent heat to prevent the costly repair bill.

Our Team of Gas Registered Engineers are able to install, repair and maintain any boiler throughout Cardiff and South Wales. From Combi Boiler to the older water tanks, it is a service that we carry out on a daily basis. We even provide a LPG Boiler service for those with this particular type of setup.

Boiler repair can be expensive but with regular servicing and proper usage of your boiler, it can be trouble-free for many years. Whether you require annual, monthly or a single boiler service, get in touch today for a free quotation.