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24/7 Emergency Plumber in Cardiff

Do you have a plumbing emergency? Our plumbers are available 24/7 to tackle any domestic and commercial plumbing crisis. From minor leaks in your bathroom to major repairs involving your boiler, our emergency plumbers’ expertise is unparalleled.

Our aim is to respond to any plumbing emergency in Cardiff within the hour.

At NJ Harkus, we specialise in prompt, reliable emergency plumbing services in Cardiff. With years of experience, we handle everything from boiler breakdowns to burst pipes. Our 24/7 availability ensures your home stays safe and warm, especially during the colder months.

Don't let plumbing issues spiral out of control—contact us now for immediate assistance. We’re Cardiff’s top choice for fast, efficient emergency plumbing and no job is too big or too small. For a fast response, please call 07859 896019, which is our emergency phone number.

Emergency Plumbing Services

What Are Common Emergency Plumbing Call-Outs

As we have been serving the Cardiff area for 20 years (and counting!), we'ver certainly seen it all when it comes to Cardiff's emergency plumbing requests. Therefore, to give you an idea of what we deal with, below are the most common emergencies:

1. Emergency Boiler Repairs

Boiler breakdowns are by far the most common emergency we attend in Cardiff. Whether there is an error code present or not, we are the "go-to" experts for boiler repairs, and no breakdown has defeated us yet.

Once you've called our team for an emergency boiler repair, we will arrive promptly and ensure your boiler is safe before diagnosing the problem. Once the issue has been found, we will check our vans for any readily available parts. However, if the part isn't on the van, we will ensure your boiler is safe before leaving your property to source any parts we need. Upon fixing your boiler, we will conduct safety checks before completing the emergency repair.

2. No Hot Water

Hot water is essential to any home, and when it fails, it's usually due to a boiler issue. Whether there is no hot water from your taps whatsoever or it's intermittent, our experienced plumbers will be able to pinpoint the issue straight away.

When we are called to your property, we will diagnose the problem, repair the issue with your boiler, and adjust the temperature to best suit your requirements.

3. Water Leaks

Leaks can happen anytime due to wear and tear and even temperature changes, resulting in significant damage to your home, such as soaked carpets, flooding, and damage to plaster walls or ceilings.

If you are facing a leaking pipe, when you call us, we'll quickly assess the situation, identify the source of the leak, and take immediate steps to stop it. We will then repair the damaged pipe or fixture and address any resulting water damage.

4. Blocked Drains

Drains can become blocked due to a buildup of waste materials such as grease, hair, food particles, soap scum, and other debris. Over time, these substances accumulate and obstruct water flow, leading to blockages. This can then result in water backing up in sinks, toilets or showers, resulting in foul smells and a generally unpleasant situation.

When you call us for emergency drain unblocking, we will first identify the cause and location of the blockage and then use our specialist tools to remove it. Once we've restored the normal flow, we can look into preventing any future blockages.

5. Gas Leaks

Gas leaks can be hard to detect, but they are serious and need immediate attention. They often result from poorly fitted, badly maintained, or faulty appliances, with boilers and cookers being common culprits. In terms of detecting a gas leak, the most obvious is a smell of gas (rotten eggs) but also symptoms such as feeling lightheaded, dizzy or nauseous.

If you suspect that you had a gas leak, call our emergency plumbers as soon as possible. We will then identify the source of the gas leak, carry out safety repairs and conduct a thorough safety check before leaving your property.

How Fast Can We Respond

With a fleet of vehicles and an experienced local team of plumbers, we aim to respond to all emergencies within the hour. All of our vans are fully equipped with the tools and materials required to tackle any emergency plumbing job in hand.

Facing An Emergency?

Whether it's no hot water or a burst pipe, our Cardiff emergency plumbers are here to help 24/7. From fixing burst pipes and unblocking toilets to repairing faulty boilers, we handle all plumbing issues. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our expert team is just a phone call away. For reliable emergency plumbing in Cardiff, contact us now.

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