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Hive Active Heating Installation

Hive Active Heating

Due to technological advances, more and more people are turning to smart technology. One of our most popular client requests we receive at NJ Harkus is to install Hive Active Heating.

The brand state that switching to “smart heating” enables you to save up to £120 and it allows you to manage your heating and water from your smartphone. You can either manage the heating through the easy to use Hive application or manually upon the thermostat.

Other features of the Hive Active Heating include:

  • Set daily schedules for your heating
  • Protect your pipes with Frost Protection
  • Holiday mode
  • Various notifications
  • … and so much more

If you want to upgrade your heating, the introduction of Hive Active Heating is highly recommended.

What’s Involved?

As with most smart technology, it does rely on a reliable internet connection. Therefore, if you experience poor WiFi signal, you may want to fix this prior to installing Hive Active Heating.

When it comes to purchasing the device, you will need to ensure you buy the hub, receiver and thermostat. Without the full package, the installation may be delayed.

It’s also important to note that you will need a smartphone that is able to use the application. Once it’s installed, we are able to give you a brief guide to using the application like a pro.

Recent Installation in Cardiff

Within the last year or so, we have seen a huge increase in clients wanting to have the Hive Active Heating installed. Below are some photos that were taken from a recent client in Cardiff.

They purchased two thermostats that allows them to control both their radiators and underfloor heating. Therefore, the client had to purchase an additional thermostat and receiver.

The first step is to setup the application upon your smartphone, which simply requires a few basic details. Once setup, the “Hub” needs to connect to the WiFi router via an Ethernet connection. In terms of powering up the Hub, you have the choice of USB via the router of via a power socket.

Hive Hub

Once the Hub is installed, it’s able to connect with the Active Heating receiver and thermostat. You can also add other Hive products such as smart plugs, lights cameras and much more.

The second step is to install the receivers that communicate with the boiler and thermostats. If you have used wireless thermostats before, this may be a simple case of switching them around. However, if it’s a complete new installation, it will require further involvement.

Hive Active Heating Installation

After the receiver has been installed, you will then need to initiate the communication between the receiver and thermostat. This is achieved upon the application under “Manage Devices”.

It’s important to note that the LED indicators upon the receiver are used as diagnostics. If it’s a new installation, the green light may slowly flash, which indicates that the firmware is upgrading. Further information regarding Hive diagnostics can be found on their community FAQ’s.

Once the thermostat is communicating with the receiver, you can them mount the thermostat to the wall. Hive provide the screws and mounting bracket within the box.

Hive Active Heating

Once all setup, you can then begin to schedule when you wish the heating to turn on and at what temperature. This can be set for six time slots each day of the week.

Setting Up Hive Active Heating

If you require any further information of want this system installed yourself, please get in touch with our team.

Where Can I Buy Hive?

Before you arrange to have your Hive Active Heating installed by one of our team, you will need to have it ready for us. You can buy direct from Hive themselves but other places that may be cheaper (or have offers) include Amazon, ScrewFix or ToolStation.

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