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Cardiff LPG Installation, Service & Repair

LPG Central Heating isn’t that common but almost 4 million homes aren’t connected to mains gas, which means they rely on LPG. It’s a fairly efficient fuel but compared to installing a condensing boiler, it will not match the efficiency.

There is no other plumbers in Cardiff that installs LPG systems to the domestic home. However, our team of highly skilled plumbers will take on any job with confidence and hold the correct qualifications.

The leading manufacturers such as Worcester, Bosch, Ideal and Valliant all produce LPG boilers in bulk and we are able to install any of these boilers to the highest of standards.

Home LPG is used in a range of appliances from boilers, cookers and hobs, central heating systems and more. We offer professional safety checks and issue certificates upon each successful inspection. If this is something you require, please contact our team via 07859 896019.

LPG is an acronym for Liquid Petroleum Gas and it’s quite simply a combination of propane and butane that’s kept under pressure. It’s very dense and can be kept in large quantity yet remain in a small storage tank. Many of our customers who live outside of Cardiff in rural areas that cannot get a reliable gas supply use LPG regularly.

We carry out the same highly rated boiler service on traditional boilers as we do on the LPG alternatives. As mentioned above, there are no other local plumber that will be able to match our LPG services. If you wish to discuss any LPG systems further, please get in touch and we will walk you through everything that you need to know.

What are the Benefits of LPG?

Many people that are use to the standard boilers found in domestic homes are probably thinking, why use LPG boilers?

In short, they are more efficient and cleaner for the environment because they clean and burn completely. Theft and leaks are also pretty much unheard of because LPG is stored within the tanks.

LPG boilers also have smaller jets because the LPG fuel flows under more pressure when compared to standard gas. This means that the running costs are often less when compared to the standard gas boiler.

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